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ant0wn July 27, 2013 13:21

CGNS Output file parameters

First, I'd like to thank you guys for this great solver, much respect to you.

I'm using Paraview as my visualization program and the latest v2.0.5 solver.

As of now, I'm able working with only the .cgns output files generated by SU2 (couldn't load .dat ASCII Tecplot output file). The output parameters I manage to read are:
  1. Eddy_Viscosity
  2. Mach
  3. Pressure
  4. Temperature
  5. Viscosity
My question is how can I add additional output parameters, in my case, velocity x, velocity y and velocity z? I've also tried reading a .dat ASCII Tecplot output file using VisIt, but it didn't include the velocity parameters as well.

Your help is much appreciated!

*** EDIT ***
I've managed to solve the issue (indirectly). The first five conservative variables are seem to be: density, density*u, density*v, density*w, density*energy (Taken from SU2_AIAA_ASM2013, RANS, Compressible flow section), Therefore I'm able to use the calculator to find and form the velocity vector.

It would be plausible though, that in future versions, selecting output parameters was possible (from a predefined list)

economon August 19, 2013 14:47


Thanks for the post. Indeed, the output routines are something that we have been actively working in going from V2.0 of the solver to V3.0 to be released next January. In fact, many improvements can already be found in the latest developer release of the code V2.0.6, including a revamped Paraview output option. Please feel free to try the latest version of the code that can be found now on GitHub:

We agree that it should be easier for developers to specify the outputs that they would like in the solution files. Stay tuned for improvements related to this...

Hope this helps,

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