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mistuning September 10, 2013 16:22

Error when run test case turb_ONERAM
I just updated SU2 to the newest version 2.0.6. However, when I run the ONERA M6 wing case using the new configuration file with mesh file mesh_ONERAM6_turb_hybraid_fine, which is provided by the previous test case package, error messages like "negative mass or pressure" appear.

Also, when I use the older version (2.0), the parallel computation of this test case cannot be finished successfully, the multigrid scheme cannot be applied either. When I use another mesh of M6 wing, the parallel SU2 works very well. Is it the mesh problem? But I checked the hybrid mesh, all the mesh seems good.

Does anyone encounter the same problems? How can we fix them? Thanks in advance.

economon October 3, 2013 01:17


Due to changes in the configuration file options as we continue to improve the code, sometimes the config files for the test cases have been updated for better performance with the most recent version of the code. Many of the available config files have also been tuned for particular meshes.

The test cases (.zip) for version 2.0 should still be available in the download section on the SU2 website, and I would recommend using those in conjunction with V2.0. Lastly, if you do plan on using the most recent version of the code, more recent versions of the appropriate config files can be found in the SU2/TestCases/ directory in the source distribution.

Hope this helps!

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