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jentink October 8, 2013 13:30

adapted restart file error (2.0.7)
When I run SU2_MAC, the restart file it produces is
1) missing the header line, and
2) missing several variables

My original restart first 2 lines is this:

"PointID", "x", "y", "Conservative_1", "Conservative_2", "Conservative_3", "Conservative_4", "Conservative_5", "Pressure", "Pressure_Coefficient", "Mach", "Temperature", "Laminar_Viscosity", "Skin_Friction_Coefficient", "Heat_Transfer", "Y_Plus", "Eddy_Viscosity", "Sharp_Edge_Dist"
0 1.836970198721030e-14 1.000000000000000e+02 4.626955188677733e-01 1.118599216033436e+02 4.435341274233010e+00 1.044811679021415e+05 1.114171806267748e-04 3.637537804245055e+04 0.000000000000000e+00 7.292899300450625e-01 2.730962987787274e+02 1.722347819756884e-05 0.000000000000000e+00 0.000000000000000e+00 0.000000000000000e+00 3.593151904515756e-06 1.000000000001882e+02

The restart file from SU2_MAC has this as first line:

0 -4.936032010292950e-42 5.092789899107159e-313 1.518777012825012e-02 -3.310458033267381e-02

jentink October 8, 2013 20:10

It's been fixed if anybody is interested.

Just get new 2.0.8 on github

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