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shsreekanth October 15, 2013 01:20

Can SU2 handle cross flow

1.My problem involves a primary flow and a secondary cross flow injected at a different location. The temperature and velocity of the two flows should be specified by user at the inlets. Can SU2 perform this kind of a simulation?

2.If so can you tell me how to give the conditions at the inlets?

3. I gave the free-stream Mach number =0.3, temperature 1000k and Pressure =105000 Pa
and used the mass flow inlet type (i.e specify density and velocity). How does SU2 calculate the parameters at the inlets? Please note that I have two inlets at different locations and need to be able to specify temperature and velocity arbitrarily at the points, i.e both inlets have different source. Is it possible?

Thank you,

economon November 5, 2013 17:37

Hi Sreekanth,

I would recommend looking at these routines in solver_direct_mean.cpp:

void CEulerSolver::BC_Inlet(CGeometry *geometry, CSolver **solver_container, CNumerics *conv_numerics, CNumerics *visc_numerics, CConfig *config, unsigned short val_marker)


void CEulerSolver::BC_Outlet(CGeometry *geometry, CSolver **solver_container, CNumerics *conv_numerics, CNumerics *visc_numerics, CConfig *config, unsigned short val_marker)

These routines control the updates at the inlet and outlet boundaries, and perhaps they can be customized for your application.

Hope this helps,

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