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Rachit October 28, 2013 01:04

Error in surface plots
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Hi everyone,

We have been using SU2 to carry out the aerodynamic analysis of a UAV. The flow has been carried out at low mach number with the Turkel pre-conditioner over a range of angle of attack. The lift drag and pitching moment coefficients seem to be fine, but when we looked at the pressure distribution on the plane surface we found a very weird distribution in one half of the plane. This was the case for both Paraview and Tecplot as well. I have attached the surface plot along with query. Similar aberration was observed for wall shear stress distribution as well.

I was wondering if someone else came across a similar issue and can share with us how to deal with this. Any help would be appreciated.

economon November 5, 2013 18:18

Hi Rachit,

Is the surface of the body divided into multiple markers? Is it possible that some part of the surface is not being included in either the MARKER_MONITORING or MARKER_PLOTTING option?


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