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andromeda91 November 18, 2013 10:54

Getting More Output Variables in surface.plt
Hi Everyone,

I have done an analysis for ONERA M6. The result, surface.plt contains only these variables: x,y,z,pressure, and skin friction coefficient. Is there anyway to add more variables like velocity components in this .plt file?



economon November 19, 2013 18:23

Hi Yosheph,

Can I ask whether you are running Euler or RANS? If you are using the Euler equations, you should see the pressure and the Mach number on the surface, while if you are simulating viscous flow, the velocity will be zero on the surface due to the no-slip condition (you should still see pressure, skin friction, etc. though).

Also, note that there are two types of surface files. One is a simple CSV format file which lists the basic data for each node on the surface, and there should also be another in either Tecplot or Paraview format (whichever was chosen in the config file). Just in case, I would also recommend updating to the most recent version of the code on GitHub, as the output files have evolved over recent 2.X versions.


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