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rking December 5, 2013 14:32

Reacting Flows in SU2?
I'm interested in using a simple reaction source term in an SU2 simulation, similar to what was used in the Taylor et al 2012 AIAA conference paper. Is this feature available in SU2 yet, or is there development code you would be willing to share?


uwknight April 22, 2014 11:09

Dear developers,

Could you please help us to setup a simplified reaction flow? Thanks.


economon April 24, 2014 05:31


At the moment, we do not have a simple reaction/combustion type source term available by default. However, it is very straightforward to implement a new source term in the code. Please see CEulerSolver::Source_Template() in solver_direct_mean.cpp for a code stub with some detailed comments on how to implement a new source in that location.

Hope this helps,

asonda May 16, 2016 10:55


has any reacting flow capability been implemented yet?



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