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nilesh May 20, 2014 02:53

Parallel nodes doing same job
i have compiled SU2 with MPI and Metis. However, more the number of processors I use slower the job runs (it is fastest with a single core). Also many statements are getting printed multiple times. I suspect all the cores are running the same job. Please help me with this.
I am using an i7 machine with 4 cores (multithreaded to 8) with the latest version of SU2 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I also tried compiling with openmpi and mpich2 but the problem persists.

hlk June 5, 2014 02:25

This is a common symptom of the code not being compiled for parallel operation. Please review the directions online ( and check that you are using the correct compilation flags and that the output indicates that MPI and Metis are succesfully linked. You might also make sure that you "make clean" to ensure that previous serial installations are removed.

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