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deeps June 19, 2014 03:47

RANS simulation of Caradonna blade model
Dear SU2 team,

I had a look at one of your papers titled "Open source analysis and design technology for turbulent flows" in which you have discussed the results from RANS simulation of the Caradonna blade model.

I am using SU2 version 2.7 and trying to do the same. However, since the freestream M and Re are 0.0, the simulations wont proceed even if I mention a rotating frame of reference. How have you been able to overcome this? If possible could you share the config file for the RANS and euler simulations of the model ?

While trying to carry out euler simulations also, I find the although it runs perfectly but the residuals aren't dropping and the CL/CD values are constant at -1000.00 :confused:

Just for your info, I am not using the periodic BCs but simulating the complete pair of blades.


deeps June 19, 2014 03:49

In the earlier post a small correction, instead of CL/CD it is CL, CD values constant at -1000.00 and other coefficients as nan? Has this been encountered by someone else before? How do we rectify this?

economon June 24, 2014 20:51


Please check out the new TestCases/ directory that was released with SU2 V3.2. Within that set of cases, we have supplied an entirely new Caradonna & Tung test case, complete with the latest options for computing flows in a rotating reference frame.

To get around the particular issue for the RANS hover case, we define a free stream Mach (0.0 in this case), and also a motion Mach number (e.g. tip Mach) that will be used as the reference speed for the Reynolds number. With this decoupling, the proper flow conditions can be set for hover-type flows. This MACH_MOTION is also used for other dynamic mesh cases, such as pitching and plunging. Please see the config_template.cfg file in the root directory for all of the dynamic mesh options.

Hope this helps,

deeps June 25, 2014 01:30

Thanks Thomas, will check and let you know.

deeps July 10, 2014 08:07

Dear Thomas,

I have installed the latest version of SU2 v 3.2.0 and have been able to run the Caradonna blade test case very well.

However, I'm still facing issues in running the same case with the RANS model. The solver doesn't start the iterations and terminates before it. Is it possible for you to provide a config file for a successful RANS run?

Also, I observed that in the latest version I'm unable to partition grids with size around 8-9 million whereas I was able to do this with the earlier versions. Is there any issue with the grid partitioning tool or do i need to make some changes while using the new version?


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