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akshaydeshpande August 28, 2019 10:00

Tag an internal marker in SU2
Hi all,

Is it possible to tag an internal marker (MARKER_INTERNAL) lying within a domain? I am trying to extract data at internal points during an unsteady simulation, and was planing to follow the template set by the function SetSurfaceCSV_Flow in output_structure.cpp.
The .su2 mesh file includes information only on the boundary markers (NMARK=6 for a 3D problem). Therefore I cannot loop over the vertices of any internal surface to extract data. Any advice would be appreciated.



aman_baig September 2, 2019 13:28

Probably you can
I haven't used MARKER_INTERNAL for this purpose yet, but I believe this is what it is supposed to do. The nodes on this marker are ignored during the computation, so it must be possible to extract node data by specifying in MARKER_PLOTTING the same marker. Let me know if this works for you.

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