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hk.narahari May 1, 2020 04:25

Inclusion of Markers in 3D mesh for SU2
I am trying to develop a case study for teaching CFD in the class to this end I am using OpenVSP, GMSH and SU2.
1. I have created a wing in OpenVSP , exported the CFD mesh as .stl file.
2. Opened the .stl file in GMSH GUI and added a box .
3. How do I create a 3D mesh with Markers and export it in SU2 format?
In this case I want to treat the 'wing' surface as one marker (EULER) and box as FARFIELD . The geo file is
Merge "wing1.stl";
Box(1) = {-20.0, -20.0, -25.0, 35, 35, 35};
The wing is just default wing which is in OpenVSP
Apologies for asking a basic question , but any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

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