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HaKu April 24, 2012 15:59

tangential velocity visualization in tecplot
How can i plot the tangential velocity vector. (velocity vector that is perpendicular to the main flow) in tecplot.

I have u, v and W . W is the velocity in the axial direction. (the data is 3D) but ofcourse the tangential velocity vector plot will be in 2 d as i am trying to visualise it at different planes of the flow.

I can slice the whole problem using tecplot .. thts not a problem.. i can see the u, v and w velocity contours on that particular extracted slice as well easily.. only problem is how can i see the vector plots for either u or v on that 2D slice.


scott_rumage April 27, 2012 19:15

There was a discussion on TecplotTalk on a related issue that may be of help to your question. Here is the link to it:

Hope this helps,

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