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Simon February 8, 2006 11:15

Multiblock animation in Tecplot.
Has anyone any experience of animation of multi block time domain data in Tecplot 10 ? I have a 10 block finite volume code that outputs data to result files every 100 timesteps. Looking at the Tecplot demo for a single block domain it seems that each timestep is assigned it's own zone within the results file for that block and that the animation process is simply a case of reading the data for each zone. Very easy for a single block.

However I have tried animation of my multiblock results files and find find rather than displaying an animation of the entire domain Tecplot instead displays a time animation of each block by itself and then moves on to the next block.

I am thinking that I must be able to do this in Tecplot, but perhaps my file format is incorrect.

Thank you,


hyun February 8, 2006 21:16

Re: Multiblock animation in Tecplot.
try to use export->avi format.

You can export a frame to avi movie format.

If you are familiar to using MACRO, you can make animation for that multi-block data.

buch February 9, 2006 05:30

Re: Multiblock animation in Tecplot.
Hi Simon,

I also use small macros. Fast and efficient. If you are not familiar with, try to record one, and then modify it as you want.


Harry February 10, 2006 11:23

Re: Multiblock animation in Tecplot.
Try to output your data of each block as a zone, then control by MACRO, the following is a simple example. Good luck!

#!MC 700 ##This macro is to animate zones once for more than one $!EXPORTSETUP EXPORTFORMAT = AVI EXPORTFNAME = "d:/upload/ANI.AVI"

$!VARSET |NUMZ| = |NUMZONES| $!VARSET |NUMZ| -= 1 $!VARSET |NUMZ| /= 2 $!VARSET |ZONE1| = 1 $!VARSET |ZONE2| = 2 $!VARSET |ZONE3| = |ZONE2| $!VARSET |ZONE3|+= |NUMZ| $!LOOP |NUMZ| ## Change the active zone. ## The |Loop| variable is equal to the current ## loop cycle number. $!ACTIVEFIELDZONES = [|ZONE1|, |ZONE2|,|ZONE3|] $!REDRAWALL $!VARSET |ZONE2| += 1 $!VARSET |ZONE3| += 1 $!IF |Loop| == 1 $!EXPORT APPEND = NO $!ENDIF $!IF |Loop| != 1 $!EXPORT APPEND = YES $!ENDIF $!ENDLOOP

Harry February 10, 2006 11:27

Re: Multiblock animation in Tecplot.
Sorry, the board can keep the format of macro, you can find it manuals of tecplot, maybe it should be user guide, I am not sure

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