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Angela March 20, 2006 14:10


I have a 2D pressure distribution in Cartesian coordinate system, the data file is in the order of (x,y,P). Since the pressure distribution has come from a multi-block solver, it has been written to the file in the form of a multi-block TECPLOT input file.

What I need is these distribution in polar coordinate system, and in equi-space format; e.g., delta_r = 0.1 and delta_theta = 10 deg, for r=[0,1], and theta=[0,360] deg.

Could anyone please help me on this as I have spent a lot of time and still don't know how I should do this.

Really appreciate it.


Noname March 20, 2006 16:07

did you try extracting circular region ?

George March 20, 2006 20:57

x=r*cos(theta), y=r*sin(theta) You use these transformation in your input files.And then you will have in TECPLOT the r,theta coordinates. As long as the delta_r and delta_theta is concerned,you only have to do r+dr and theta+dtheta in every column of your input file

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