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Pippi88 February 5, 2013 15:38

trying to create contour 2D from tabular data
I'm new here and I'm also new as a tecplot 360 user.
I have a file .dat with 3 columns of numbers, thickness as function of two other indipendent variables. I have loaded the data file as a General text and I have plotted the 3D view but now I need to view the 2D contour plot and I don't understand how do that. Everything I have tried give to me the same results ... a white graphic with only the right axes .. :(
thanks for your help

scott_rumage February 6, 2013 11:33

help contour 2d -- "connect" the data
Tecplot is unable to create a contour plot from data that is "unconnected" (which is what your data are). One can connect data in Tecplot a variety of ways. Once Tecplot understands the connectivity of the data, then it will be able to produce the contour.

Option 1. -- If the data are 2D one can triangulate via a method described in this tutorial video:

Option 2. -- If the data are on a regular XY grid, one can create a grid in Tecplot Data>>Create Zone>>Rectangular and then interpolate the data onto the newly created grid Data>>Interpolate


Pippi88 February 6, 2013 11:46

Thank you very much!! Now I can see the contour of my data. :o

michelangelogt June 21, 2013 08:00


my problem is as follows:
i have data velocity magnitudes in an excel table. Each cell has a coordinate (x,,y) which is associated with the location in space where the velocity was measured. v=f(x,y). How do I import the data correctly?

Until now i had no success. I have imported the data from excel (table size 21*31) gotten 21 variables in tecplot. Crated rectangular zone and interpolated.
Unfortunately i can only plot contour where my x and y axes are one of those 21 velocities columns and can choose a third one to do the colouring with.

thank you very much.

mona.16nitr December 2, 2015 12:30

Hi.. I need a bit of help in contouring of temperature data on a 2d surface. Guess you could advise.
I have loaded data into tecplot from an excel file, the data is irregular (called I-ordered) in tecplot. I am not able to find an option for "triangulate" under the data menu. And creating a rectangular zone, when I try to get the contour, it assigns the entire surface to a value "zero".
Which is the correct way, triangulate or creating a zone to interpolate? Why do I not see the triangulate option on my window?
Could you please suggest where I might be going wrong? Will be of great help, thanks. :)

scott_rumage December 2, 2015 13:10

Older versions of Tecplot 360 EX do not have the ability to perform a 2D triangulation via the GUI (it can be performed via a macro though). However the latest version of Tecplot 360 EX 2015 does have the triangulation capability, and it can be found under the menu bar Data>>2D Triangulation.

If possible, I would recommend updating to the latest version here is a link to the Tecplot download page: .


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