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devanson June 26, 2013 13:16

To plot velocity profile along different x-axis
need help urgently. As said in title, i want to plot velocity profile at different x-axis position in tecplot. is it possible to do in fluent 13 itself?:confused:

A CFD free user August 21, 2013 15:23

Hello guy
Yes it's quite possible in Fluent. Just define a line and then plot your interest data by xy plot tools. It's also possible in Tecplot which I don't know how exactly it is.

devanson August 22, 2013 00:12

Is it possible to plot different vel profile with geo outline in fluent..? Can u brief it?

A CFD free user August 22, 2013 12:15

I didn't take your point by saying geometry outline! Do you mean the basic frame of the geometry? I gotta say that you can plot all profile in the same way I told you before. Just define a line and then plot the variables along it. So easy and straightforward.

sid October 23, 2013 04:09

Plotting Software

Can anyone let me know a good plotting software rather than excel for plotting my transient analysis data i.e., obtained from fluent?

I tried in excel but im expecting a higher quality graph to plot large amounts of data.

Thank you

supvato December 30, 2014 16:40

Not the most elegant, but gets the job done
To answer the question in the title...

I believe the easiest way is to create a new variable in "Data> Alter> Specify equations..." using the velocity in the axial direction, say V3, and offsetting it with the axial position (say V1) as follows,

V5=c*V3 + V1,

where c is a constant to adjust the 'depth' of the profile.

After this, you can plot V5 vs. V2 (the radial position). This will give you a series of profiles positioned along the axial direction. If you find that the profiles are too close together, you can skip points in the "Indices" tab of the "Mapping Style..." menu or change the value of c. You need to make sure that the you choose V5 as the dependent variable in "Mapping Styles...>Definitions".

While there may be more elegant ways of doing this, I believe this is a relatively simple way of getting profiles along the axial direction.

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