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saeedi July 4, 2013 12:32

Normalization of data in Tecplot
Hi there,

I need guidance on how to normalize the data in Tecplot.

I want to normalize the data (say in a 2-D plane) by the maximum value in the same plane. If I can do it in Tecplot which already has all the data, I do not need to re-run the post-processing and that will save a lot of time when the number of planes is high or etc.

An other problem for example:
In on pressure contour plot, I normalized the contours by (ro*Uinf^2). Now if I want to normalize by (0.5*ro*Uinf^2), I just need to divide the whole plane by 0.5 instead of running my original code.

I'd appreciate your comments and guidance.

scott_rumage July 12, 2013 18:24

Normalization of data in Tecplot - specify equations
I believe you would want to use the calculate variables option in Tecplot. From the Menu go to Data>>Alter>>Specify Equations, and then type something like:

{new normalized variable}= 0.5*ro*Uinf**2

See the Tecplot 360 user's manual ( ) page 305 for details on proper syntax, etc. You can also click on "Help>>Tecplot 360 Help" in Tecplot 360, and search on "specify equations" to get examples of syntax and options.


saeedi July 12, 2013 22:44

Thanks very much Scott.

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