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Vic August 21, 2006 10:36

on Tecplot
I have some results for flow around an airfoil in a wall-bounded domain (something like an airfoil installed in a test section of a wind tunnel). In TECPLOT, it is easy to create a slice in any direction and see the 2D streamlines. But, I would like to remove the solid walls so that the only thing that I see is the airfoil and the 3D streamlines around it.

Or in another but similar case, there is a 3D rectangular domain (like a box) and a duct is attached to the lower surface and let some amount of air goes out. Again, I want to remove all solid boundaries except for the duct and the flat plat (side) that this duct is attached to, so that I can see how the streamlines approach and enter the duct.

I appreciate any advice/idea on how I can manage this.


Gerrit August 28, 2006 07:49

Re: on Tecplot
I'm afraid you can't. If you want to take away the walls they should have been saved as separate zones from the beginning, you then just turn off that zone. Or maybe you just have to turn off the boundary on the left hand side.

If the're not saved as separate zones... can't

I hope I understand your question.

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