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siamakghh2000 August 31, 2013 07:22

Cutting a slice in Tecplot
Hi, I am trying to cut a slice from a 3D flow domain, but once I cut the slice even though surface is created but no data appears to be within it as if nothing has happened.(I am importing only the velocities).
My actual problem is to draw vortex streamlines where they are supposed to be closed pathes in the correct state, but when you open the whole fluent data, streamlines are not drawn properly. Therefore, I import x, y and z velocities into tecplot in order to draw vortex stream lines in it.
Any ideas for either of the problems?
Thanks in advance.

scott_rumage September 3, 2013 11:00

The creation of a slice is a lightweight object. If one needs to work with the data of a slice, then you must it "extract" it. To do this go to Data>>Extract>>Current Slices... This will create a new data "zone" of the extracted slice. This new zone can be isolated and post-processed in the "Zones Style" menu.

I don't understand your question on streamlines, so I won't comment on that issue.


siamakghh2000 September 14, 2013 05:24

Thank you for the reply. What I was trying to say about streamlines was this, the stream line for a vortex has got to be a closed line (such as a circle of some kind), how ever in my simulation (and many else where that I tried to learn about this subject, vortex stream line had a start and an endless circulating spiral which is incorrect from CFD point of view). So some one appeared and told me this is an inherent error of tecplot and I will need to avoid importing the boundary data while importing the whole file into tecplot. So far none of the methods have worked for me, even your suggestion but thanks again for the comment.

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