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Weiwei November 20, 2013 11:58

How to show U and V in the same Figure on Tecplot
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Dear all,

Is it anybody could tell me how to show the velocity on x- axias and y - axias in the same figure. See the attachment. Three show U and V on different figure. I just want to show it on the same figure.

I use Tecplot360 2012R.

Many thanks,


scott_rumage November 21, 2013 14:30

How to show U and V in the same Figure on Tecplot
I am not sure if I completely understand what you are requiring, but ... the showing of multiple plots in "one figure” is done by using Tecplot's ability to make the background of one of the frames transparent. So, for example, on the U velocity contour frame click on Frame>Edit Active Frame> Click “off” the “Show Background” in Tecplot.
Next position the U velocity contour frame over the V velocity contour frame.
Now the U & V velocity appear to be in one plot (but they are still separate frames).
Of course, this can be expanded to have multiple plots (frames with transparent backgrounds) over a single “master” frame as show in these plots on the Tecplot web-site:

Weiwei November 26, 2013 11:10

Dear scott_rumage,

Thanks for your very useful information. My problem is solved. The just use squre of U2 plus V2.

Your propose the multiple plot is also very useful for me. Thanks.

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