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Emilio November 29, 2013 11:53

From CGNS to Tecplot additional variable trouble
Hi everyone i'm new to Tecplot software.
I have a transient simulation in cfx, from wich I took two CGNS files.
I processed these two files and I asked in pre-processing to save 5 variable, one of wich was a user defined variable.
I named it hsuploc.
When I ask to Tecplot to use CGNS loader, it gives me back only 4 variable despite of 5.
I noticed a bug that borns when I need to tec-plot my datas. I mean that the variables' names don't match their names in the drop list menu.


If the variable are P, T, u, v, w
when I ask the software to plt the "P" variable it draws the "T", and so on.
Thus, it always happen.
Do I minstake anything while using CGNS loader in Tecplot?
Altought i can't fix it I can get accustomed to it, but i need to plot the additional variable I create wich appears as a constant value on the surface I choose.

Anyone can help me?
If yes, thank you a lot.

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