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RicardoGoncalves December 4, 2013 16:46

Setting the origin of 2D cartesian in TECPLOT
I want to plot a gridded data. Using tecplot's ordered option automatically places the origin at (0,0) and cell distances are simply integers.
How do I set a different origin and also cell distances?

scott_rumage December 5, 2013 12:18

Shifting the orgin in Tecplot
One suggestion that may work for the shifting of your origin is to use the calculate variables feature of Tecplot (from the menu click on Data>>Alter>>Specify Equations).

You could create a new variable(s) called Xnew and have it equal Xold + S, where S is the amount of origin shift you require. And then plot Xnew (and Ynew).

In the Tecplot user manual Chapter 21 (page 305) will give directions on how to use data alter. Here is a link to the manual:

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