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ziggo February 2, 2014 18:33

How to plot streamlines on a slice?
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How can I plot streamlines on a slice? I only found ways to enable contour or vector plots on a slice.
I've managed to do this in CFD post (see attachment), but because my dataset is too big now CFD post is unable to handle this. Hence I switched to Tecplot 360.

How can I achieve a similar looking visualisation in Tecplot 360? The attachment shows what my goal is. The image shows the streamlines colored by velocity on three different bounded planes.

DLuo February 6, 2014 17:52

Streamlines are integrated on U V W vectors so naturally they won't constrain themselves to a slice.
One way to work around this is by forcing one of your Vectors (for example W) to zero. This really only works if you're looking at slices in the principle axis.

If you want streamlines on a Z slice, you can go to calculate variables and create a new variable = 0. Then under Vectors, set X to U, Y to V, and Z to your newly created variable which should be zero.
Now show your slice and seed streamlines on that slice. Because Tecplot now thinks that your Z component of your vector is 0, the streamlines shouldn't deviate out of the plane.
Take caution however, because your Z component is not the true component value, the streamline integration might not be entirely accurate.

scott_rumage November 17, 2014 12:45

Tecplot has posted a nice tutorial on plotting streamlines, streaklines & particle paths located here: .This video should be helpful in answering your question.

Durrell4 November 17, 2014 12:56

Streamlines on a slice
Hi Ziggo,

We have had several requests for streamtraces on a slice in the past few years. Generally the approach Andy outlined is a reasonable approach. There is an alternative method where you extract the slices from the volume domain and use "surface" streamtraces to create the plot of interest. I will post a tutorial on the process using Tecplot 360 EX later today. My tutorial on streaklines etc. is not related to this particular solution, but it gives a simple overview.

Link to tutorial:


Tecplot 360 Product Manager

omgcfd October 23, 2016 03:37

sir i am not able to make streamtraces on selected to creat sir. in figure see i did slice in x axis then i made extract and select my x axis extract and make slice but it not made slice..pls reply

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