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lehoanganh07 March 18, 2014 04:05

Read the node values and node positions???
Hi, Tecplot User,

I am using Ansys Fluent to make the grid and get solution data from Fluent as the Initial condition for my Fortran code. To do, I try to export data to TECPLOT from Fluent.

But, I dont know the node ordered in TECPLOT and how to read the data and node positions from the TECPLOT.

Example, for read data to my Fotran code in order: ((x(i,j),i=1,ni),j=1,nj) and ((y(i,j),i=1,ni),j=1,nj).

Could anyone help me solving this problem??

Thank you!

scott_rumage March 19, 2014 11:06

Perhaps the Tecplot’s manual can be of assistance to your question. The user manual is located here: , and a description of how ordered data is treated is in section 3-2 titled "Ordered Data" (page 58).


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