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Nik May 29, 2007 15:39

Hi I want to generate a movie using tecplot. The problem is that tecplot frame is big relative to data(countour data in x-y coordinates). so, when you generate an avi file,you will have big white field around your data.when you resize the frame, the data will be resized as well. Is there anyway to resize the frame without resizing the data?


Shyam June 1, 2007 00:51

Re: tecplot
Once you resize your frames, you can use the zoom to fit option in tecplot. Note that you need to use all the frames while doing this. Hope I answered your query.

sam June 9, 2007 01:10

Re: tecplot
how to make a movie in techplot? are you using techplot 360?

Zach June 11, 2007 15:30

Re: tecplot
I've been having some issues generating a .avi movie in general. Using the Animate to AVI, I can't seem to get a movie. A .avi file is created but the file is an empty black screen. Any thoughts?

Arash S June 17, 2007 15:19

Re: tecplot

In my finite element problem, I have brake elements with 27 nodes, when I import the mesh data (scalar file) to tecplot It knows my elements as brakes with 8 nodes and divides each 27 node brake element to 8 sub-elements ( 8 brakes with 8 nodes). How can I solve it, may been it the limitation of tecplot? Thanks

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