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jinwon park December 24, 2007 01:15

Abt: Schlieren figure in Tecplot using data
I am solving 2D compressible fluid flow problems. In doing, I saw an attractive figure representing density variation in black and white. The literature mentioned that the figure is named as Schlieren figure. I have explored the way to plot in my favoriate post-processor, Tec-plot. However, I am still find the way to do.

My questions are how to produce the data in askii from Fortran codes, how to plot the data extracted by text file in Schlieren figure and what advantages I can expect by using Schlieren figure instead of other figures.

If anyone have had used this figure for research, please help me how to plot Schlieren figure using my data system. December 24, 2007 12:56

Re: Abt: Schlieren figure in Tecplot using data
Schlieren method actually is an experimental method for

beholding and observing the density variation specially in

supersonic fluid flows. this in fact can be done by emitting a

row of collimated light to flow around the object of our

interest. varying in the density the refraction of collimated

light occurs. this refraction of the light is the basis of

Schlieren method which can be seen through shadow-graphy


Anton Lyaskin December 27, 2007 07:48

Re: Abt: Schlieren figure in Tecplot using data
Try searching the forum, I'm sure this was already discussed here. You need to plot something like density gradient or density laplasian in a greyscale to get schliren-like pictures.

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