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Amir February 20, 2008 04:30

contour plot with tecplot
Hi everybody How can i plot a temperature contour for a plane? I have the x and y coordinates of each node with the corresponding temperature. The grid is 4x4 square.

jinwon park February 20, 2008 06:03

Re: contour plot with tecplot
You have to refer the manual to get proper output style. It is not difficult. In my case, I am using this fortran head

WRITE(1,*) 'TITLE="2D fluid"' WRITE(1,*) 'VARIABLES ="x","y","rho","vx","vy","p","e","phi"' WRITE(1,'(1x,a,f8.6,a,a,i3,a,i3)') 'ZONE T="',tw,'sec"',', I=',nx,', J=',ny

Since it is case-by-case, you have to refer the manual then you can make it suitable for your output style. Hope you can.

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