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Andreas August 4, 2008 06:41

Unstructured data with Tecplot
Hi everybody!

I've been wondering if there is a way to visualize completely unstructured raw data with Tecplot.

I have 2D data points, and for each point 6 variables. I don't have any connectivity information, and the points are not ordered in any way.

the file I am working with looks like that:

<x1> <y1> <velocityX1> <velocityY1> <pressure1> <temperature1> <x2> <y2> <velocityX2> <velocityY2> <pressure2> <temperature2> ..... and so on ....

In Gnuplot this is very easy to realize. just plot the file using the columns you want... But I need to do it in Tecplot.

I hope I am using the right forum. Thanks in advance!


Andreas August 4, 2008 06:46

Re: Unstructured data with Tecplot
oops, I just saw that my file structure didn't work. let's give it another try:

x1 y1 velocityX1 velocityY1 pressure1 temperature1 x2 y2 velocityX2 velocityY2 pressure2 temperature2 ... xN yN velocityXN velocityYN pressureN temperatureN

this is how my file looks like

paul August 8, 2008 19:23

Re: Unstructured data with Tecplot

yes you could, basically you need to write a program that will arrange your file in Tecplot format ( a C/C++ or FORTRAN code ... ).

If you really need a code like this contact me,


Andreas August 12, 2008 05:30

Re: Unstructured data with Tecplot
Hey Paul,

thanks for your reply. In the meantime I already wrote a program like that.

It is a little strange because I create the connectivity information artificially where it has never been. But it's fine. I just switch off the mesh in Tecplot, and it's alright.


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