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hall June 7, 2003 21:50

question about tecplot
Hi, there:

I have some questions about using tecplot.

1. How to make a movie by tecplot? I have a bunch of continuous time step data with u, v, w velocities, how to make them move in tecplot?

2. for 3-D vector plot, is there any way to limit the range of vector like what we do in contour plot? For example, the magnitudes of most vectors are small, only some important ones are big. But in tecplot, it plots everything, so I can't see anything. Any way to only show the big ones?

Thank you very much!


centaur_ks June 9, 2003 21:36

Re: question about tecplot
did u tried to refer to TecPlot manual. I did the 1st one long time ago. i dont remeber now but its surely there in the manual. look in the layers or frames.


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