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Forrest April 13, 2009 11:12

Showing Time in TECPLOT
I have some unsteady results from fluent that I am going to use to make an animation. I've loaded all of the files (both data and case files) at once using the Fluent data loader. When I animate the solutions files, I would like to see the solution time somewhere in the frame, and have it update as the solution updates. I've seen animations like this in presentations before and I haven't been able to figure it out on my own. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance.

harishg April 14, 2009 20:42

Do you use Tecplot 10 or Tecplot 360 ? I remember seeing a python script for the same in Tecplot forums but only for Tecplot 360.

Forrest April 15, 2009 10:13

I am using Tecplot 360. I found the solution to my problem not too long after I posted. It was to put &(SOLUTIONTIME) in a text box in the frame. Thanks

bohluly April 15, 2009 12:35

I write a fortran code for making a macro file that this macro file add time in every zone, but u must correct the position and size of the font in this program for your purpose.

integer*2 i_hr,i_min

5 format ('#!MC 1000')
write(1,*)'$!VarSet |MFBD| = ',char(39),'D:',char(39)

itime =0
time =0
do iz=1,no_zone

i_hr = itime / 60
i_day= i_hr / 24

if (i_day < 0 ) then
xxx= 0
i_hr = mod(i_hr , 24)
i_min= mod(itime , 60)

write(1,*)' XYPOS'
write(1,*)'X = 40.0'
write(1,*)'Y = 85.00'
write(1,*)'ZONE =',iz
write(1,*)'ATTACHTOZONE = YES'
write(1,*)' {'
write(1,*)'HEIGHT = 15'
write(1,*)' }'
! write(1,10)char(39),i_day , i_hr,i_min,char(39)
! 10 format ('TEXT = ',a1,'Time ',i2,' day ' ,i3,':',i2,a1)
10 format ('TEXT = ',a1,' ',f8.2,' Sec ',a1)
write(1,*)'$!ACTIVEFIELDZONES += [',iz+1,']'
write(1,*)'$!ACTIVEFIELDZONES -= [', iz,']'

time = time+0.05


write(2,*)'$!RemoveVar |MFBD|'


belkhir72 April 29, 2016 17:39


Originally Posted by Forrest (Post 213007)
I am using Tecplot 360. I found the solution to my problem not too long after I posted. It was to put &(SOLUTIONTIME) in a text box in the frame. Thanks

can you give me more detail !!
i don't find it !!

scott_rumage May 2, 2016 10:30

Tecplot gives a good example of showing solution time in one’s plot in the tutorial titled:
Transient Series Video 2: Understanding Transient Data through Extractions. The link is: .

Of course, you should also watch the first tutorial as well to get more tips on handling transient data in Tecplot 360 EX. That video is titled:Transient Series Video 1: Introduction to Transient Data and here is the link: .


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