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jcostex May 19, 2009 08:54

Importing contour maps into Tecplot
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The problem I'm experiencing is this:

- I'm working with flow manager and I draw a contour map (file attached #1) on it.
- I export that contour map in tecplot format .dat (at least that what it says there) and the data file that comes out is the one attached, or at least equal as this is a copy of it in .txt format (#2).
- When I try to open it in tecplot (file, load data file, tecplot data loader) it reads the data file. When I ask to draw 2D cartesian, it draws the graphic shown in attachement #3.

My question is:

In what format must a data file be in order to Tecplot 360 can read/draw it like a contour map? What are the steps to draw the contour map while importing a data file like the one I have?
Can you help with this issue? Perhaps send me an example of a data file which you can read into a contour map and the steps to draw it into Tecplot?

I would appreciate that very much.

wsfowler May 20, 2009 12:48

You must update the header of the data file to indicate to Tecplot that you're dealing with IJ-Ordered data, otherwise Tecplot just reads it as I-Ordered.

TITLE = "My Data"
VARIABLES = "x-pos" "y-pos" "S" "Status"
ZONE T="My Zone"
I=49, J=36, K=1, ZONETYPE=Ordered


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