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sbm_dk January 12, 2010 22:05

Reading Tecplot *.plt files using TecIO.dll
I desperately need to find a method to read xyz-data from Tecplot plt files. I believe Ive heard rumours that it is possible using TecIO.dll but have not yet seen a code snippet that illustrates how.

I am coding in C and C# but any piece of code in any language would be greatly helpful.

FB2012 November 14, 2013 07:26

An example can be found in the tecio source file archive dowloaded from tecplot support. It contains two parts the tecio source code and a program called pltview.
Reading the source code of pltview will explain how to do a plt reader.
In the main part of the program just turn on array reading by modifying the following part.
Line 594 change it to
ReportFileInfo(argv[CurFile], TRUE, TRUE);

Best regards

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