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bro6789 February 15, 2010 20:24

Tecplot airfoil.plt
Hi Everyone,

I'm working on a CFD project involving multi-element airfoils. I wasn't able to find coordinates for any multi-element system, so I had to extract the coordinates of the airfoil example given in Tecplot. However, I'm not sure what airfoil system these coordinates refer to since they didn't specify any name and I need to know the name so that I can find some experimental data. If anyone knows what airfoil system the example refers to, please let me know. :)


vinz February 16, 2010 05:36


I don't know about tecplot model but if you want to simulate some multi-element airfoil, you should have a look at the hilift workshop at this page:
you can get the model of the wing as well as grids, and experimental data. After the workshop you will even get access to simulations results.
Hope this helps.



bro6789 February 16, 2010 22:15

Thanks for the input Vincent..however, they seem to have the coordinates for the entire wing rather than for the airfoil and given the size of the data they have, it might be difficult to extract the airfoil data..
Please let me know if you know any sources that have airfoil data!


vinz February 17, 2010 03:01

I did some computations on a three element airfoil in 2D using OpenFOAM. There is a thread in the OpenFOAM part of the forum.
You'll find the airfoil profile as well as more information at this adress:


bro6789 February 18, 2010 18:17


Thank you very much for replying..the link you provided has everything I've been looking for..also, after looking at the images of the geometries you posted on your thread, I'm starting to suspect that the tecplot example refers to the same airfoil as you used because they look strikingly similar!
Once again thanks.


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