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spartan1516 February 25, 2010 16:08

Running Tecplot on Redhat 5.4 Alt Ctrl Key not accept
I am running Tecplot 360 2009 on a Linux machine (Redhat 5.4), unfortunately I found the Alt Key and Contrl key (ctrl) is not working. The Tecplot doesn't accept key combination like Alt-F or ctrl+F (Fit to full size). I tested the Gambit software on the same machine and found the system did response to the ctrl key (to pick object) and Alt+F9 (to minimize the windows).

Just wondering if Tecplot Linux version support Alt and Ctrl key or not.

Thanks in advance,


jim_carson March 8, 2010 11:15

Ensure the num-lock key is off and it should work fine. (There is also a setting on most computers where this can be set at boot time.)

spartan1516 March 8, 2010 11:25

Hi, Jim:
Thanks. Yes, it works. This problem bothers me for a long time.
I did remember sometimes the Ctrl Key works under Linux, but I don't know at that time I may set the right Num Lock Key right.

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