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gholamghar May 13, 2010 10:04

How to plot a contour from an excel file in Tecplot?
I have an excel file with three columns,first column is x coordinate,second column is y coordinate,third column is values of stream function in fluid,i need to plot contours of stream function.i successfully import the data with excel loader,but when i choose contours in the sidebar nothing happens.could anybody give me an step by step guide on how to plot contours of stream function from my excel file?
(I have read some help files but I couldn't make it to draw contours in tecplot.)

(is there any syntax or commands that i can add to my fortran code so that it creates a tecplot file (plt) and there is no need to insert data from an excel file?)
Thanks in advance

scott_rumage May 13, 2010 19:53

Plotting contours in Tecplot (unconnected data)

Tecplot is unable to create a contour plot from data that is "unconnected" (which is what Excel data are). One can connect data in Tecplot a variety of ways. Once Tecplot understands the connectivity of the data, then it will be able to produce the contour.

Option 1. -- If the data are 2D one can triangulate via a method described in this "Getting Started" tutorial video:

Option 2. -- If the data are on a regular XY grid, one can create a grid in Tecplot Data>>Create Zone>>Rectangular and then interpolate the data onto the newly created grid Data>>Interpolate

Option 3. -- If the data are 3D one can compile the 3D triangulation add-on found at this link: the triangualtion is the 3rd add-on item listed.

Option 4. -- Help in creating output from your Fortran program to a Tecplot .plt is found at this link for the TecIO library: We also have documentation of the Tecplot data format at this link:

We also have a recorded training session at this link:

Finally search on for additional help/methods for plotting your results with Tecplot.


zahra.hosseini October 13, 2010 12:47

I created a rectangular grid for my xy data, but when I interpolate the data, it interpolates the data from the new grid on my previous ordered data. I mean when I interpolate data, all the values both on the new grid and my ordered data changes to 0.

mhassani August 27, 2011 18:08

I have the same problem as zahra. When I interpolate the data it sets them to zero. I don't know how it works. If U found out how to solve it please let me know. thanks


scott_rumage September 6, 2011 11:28

This link on TecplotTalk gives a detailed example of the interpolation of Excel data onto a XY grid in Tecplot (option 2 above), and a subsequent contour plot.


zahra.hosseini September 7, 2011 21:47

Muhammad reza,

I triangulated my data before interpolating (go to data>triangulate). Tecplot generates an automatic grid on your domain and interpolates your data on it.

If you want to keep your original grid, you need to define it for Tecplot otherwise Tecplot won't understand the connections betweend the nodes.


venki March 4, 2016 08:43

Isotherms in Tecplot
I have the data file which contains x and y location and temperature values for a particular time step. I want to plot temperature contours in Tecplot 360. I did triangulation and got the contours but I want to know how to fix the levels in tecplot. I mean how to choose the levels so that we will have the proper picture of the isotherms.

scott_rumage March 4, 2016 12:18

I would recommend a review of the Tecplot 360 manual located at this link: starting on page 178 to resolve your question.


ZAB May 17, 2017 23:00

Loading Excel Data in Tecplot for Contours
I Guess its late, but for others it could be useful.
this is the way you get actual grid and actual data, not interpolated, only limitation is that your data is arranged in rectangular equally spaced grid points
Here is an example, first you need to figure out how large is your data.
say for example you have 6x6 matrix grid points, all you have to do is to add this header to your data tweek it accordingly and save file as .dat file and load in tecplot ... ta da ... you are set to go for contour plot
oh and remember paste your data below from excel and replace all tabs by spaces


TITLE    = "my excel data"
"contour variable"
ZONE T="Rectangular zone"
 I=6, J=6, K=1, ZONETYPE=Ordered

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