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Matthew Morse July 3, 2004 11:49

TECPLOT 10 macro problem
I'm trying to have my Tecplot macro read in a .plt file named file_n.plt, where n is an integer, format it accordingly and then save it as file_n.tif. My macro successfully makes my .tif files how I want them, the only problem is that it takes in the files in the order that you would see them if you did an ls in a terminal window because I have more than 10 files, i.e. it reads them in as 1,10,11,12, etc. How do I get around this? I've been told to number my files with 2 numbers so they're numbered like file_00.plt, file_01.plt, etc. etc which makes sense and I tried that but then I get an error saying "file_1.plt" not found because when you put in |LOOP| it starts at 1 and I had 2 digits instead of 1 in my .plt file names. Are there any kinds of wildcards in the Tecplot macro language, because if there are using 2 digits in my .plt file names for 1 through 9 would solve the problem. I looked in the User and Reference Manuals and wasn't able to find anything with regards to wildcards.

Markus Lummer July 5, 2004 00:45

Re: TECPLOT 10 macro problem
You could try to format the tecplot variable. E.g. |LOOP%.2d|

Hope this helps.

Best regards


Matthew Morse July 5, 2004 00:57

Re: TECPLOT 10 macro problem
That seems like a good place to start, what does your formatting that you posted do to the LOOP variable?

Thanks, Matt

Markus Lummer July 5, 2004 01:00

Re: TECPLOT 10 macro problem
It should print 1 as 01.

Matthew Morse July 5, 2004 01:11

Re: TECPLOT 10 macro problem
Cool, I'll try that. Where did you find this? Am I just not reading the User Manual well enough? Are there any sorts of wildcards in Tecplot macro language?


Markus Lummer July 5, 2004 01:31

Re: TECPLOT 10 macro problem
You should find it in the reference manual. I don't know whether the Tecplot macro language supports wildcards.

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