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fremder July 7, 2010 12:50

Reading Additional Data Quantities from Fluent into Tecplot

I would like to use the Fluent Data Loader to import my solution into Tecplot.

As I read in anther forum thread ( 4. post in ) , Tecplot cannot read quantities which are calculated in Fluent "on the fly" - since they are not available in the .dat file. However there is an option in Fluent, which allows you to write additional quantities into the .dat file. You find it under FILE -> DATA FILE QUANTITIES.

However the new quantities do not appear in Tecplot regardless whether I selected additional data quantities or not. The new .dat file is much bigger than before so I am sure the additional data is there.

So is Tecplot just capable of reading a certain set of variables out of a Fluent .dat file, or can I pick certain settings, that make this import work?

I am using Tecplot 360 2009 Release 1, Build (03/25/2009).

Thanks and best regards,

DoHander July 7, 2010 13:51


in Fluent you have an File->Export->Tecplot option from which you can directly export any data in Tecplot format. You don't really need to load your Fluent cas and dat into Tecplot.


fremder July 7, 2010 14:25

Hello DoHander,

this is true, however you can only export surfaces in this way. I need the volume to create 3D-streamtracers and things like that.

I also tried cgns, but tecplot seems to have a problem with the cgns-writer version of fluent v12.

Is there another way to get the volume and some specified qualities into tecplot?

DoHander July 8, 2010 06:41


I may be able to help you if you export your quantities in AVS format, this is a general finite element format for storing data and meshes. The resulting file can be easily (with a bit of Fortran code) converted to a FE data file for Tecplot (volumes and not surfaces). I've already done this for some 2d cases, but I need to see your exported data in order to modify my Fortran code.

I don't need your real geometry if this is confidential data, but I need something similar (containing similar results) to correctly test the code.

I can give you the code after that and you can apply the code on your exported data.


fremder July 8, 2010 10:09

Hi Do,

this is very kind of you! But first I will try something else with CGNS before I bother you with this kind of stuff ;) However if this does not work, I will come back to you ...

Thanks and best regards,

DoHander July 8, 2010 15:33

No problem my 2D Fortran code is open source so you will be free to use it once I will adapt it for 3D.


fremder July 12, 2010 09:47


I solved the problem on my own:

I exported the fluent solution and mesh as a CGNS-file and convert it with cgns_to_tecplot into the tecplot format.

cgns_to_tecplot is a part of the cgnstools package which works with the cgns library.
Both are public domain and can be found here ->

Anyhow, thanks for your offer Do!


aero.senthilkumar June 20, 2016 08:05

I tried with CGNS-file but I got error of " array size exceeds that for a 32-bit integer 32-bit". Did anybody face the similar problem?

masoudsh June 27, 2016 15:53


I want to import tecplot file into cfd post.
Is it possible?


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