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vetnav July 14, 2010 18:37

tecplot 3D velocity contours inside a channel
Hi fellas,

I am trying to do something like this, lets say we have a 3D channel with square cross section and the flow enters with uniform velocity and become fully developed and finally ends up as a parabolic velocity profile (paraboloid in 3D).

I want to show the 3D contours of the stream wise velocity inside the 3D channel. The procedure I follow is I cut a slice at a constant X location (X being the stream wise direction and Y,Z are normal and span wise directions) so this slice (which is 2D surface) becomes ZONE2 I deactivate the ZONE1 (which is 3D channel), now in active ZONE2 I change the X-axis variable to u (which is stream wise velocity) and Viola I could see a paraboloid but if I want to put this paraboloid inside the 3D channel as one of the axis variables is changed when I activate the ZONE1 I don't see 3D channel geometry, its all get distorted.

So can anyone please tell me how to show the development of the flow inside a 3D channel flow using 3D contours of the velocity at different locations inside the channel.


scott_rumage July 14, 2010 19:33

Frame control inside of Tecplot
Hello Vetnav,

I believe the solution to your dilemma is to open a new frame in Tecplot (because you have two different coordinate systems), and then superimpose the 2D surface “frame” back onto the 3D channel frame.
Here is a link on the Tecplot web site that explores this concept and may be helpful:

vetnav July 14, 2010 19:39

Dear Scott,

Thank you for the reply, but if I link the frames, if I change axes variables in one frame the other frame is also getting effected.

Thanks you

scott_rumage July 14, 2010 20:00

Okay, sorry for the ineffective suggestion. Does creating iso-surfaces of various velocities help you visualize the 3D velocity contour?

vetnav July 14, 2010 20:03

I tried plotting Iso-surfaces also but it is of no use.

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