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Julia October 22, 2004 11:01

Hi, I an having a difficulty with tecplot. The x,y,z scales are not the sameon the screen, but I already checked Edit Axis and all ratios XtoY XtoZ YtoZ are 1. Any idea? Thanks!

ag October 22, 2004 13:30

Re: tecplot
Did you make sure to check that the axes depend (or not) on each other? There are radio buttons to enforce axis dependency. Try those.

Julia October 22, 2004 14:38

Re: tecplot
Yes, "XYZ Dependent" bottom is switched on. Problem is every unit scale on the x-axis is, say 100mm, on the z-axis is 120mm, and when I apply this ratio (100/120) in "XtoZ Ratio", the scales will be correct. But the point is everything should be right when all ratios are "1"!!!! Any clue?????

ag October 22, 2004 16:07

Re: tecplot
I guess I'm unclear on the problem. Are you saying that you have an X-axis (n)x(100) units long and a Z-axis (n)x(120) units long and they are different lengths on screen when all the ratios are 1? Also what version of Tecplot are you using - I remember having some issues on occasion with this sort of thing in Tecplot 7. It seemed to be some sort of bug in the code.

Julia October 22, 2004 17:37

Re: tecplot
What I meant was when I measure by a ruler on the monitor, the length between 0 and 1 on the x-axis is 10mm, but on the z-axis for the same range is 12mm, with all the ratios =1. If I scale down the z-axis by 1/1.2, it looks much better. The main problem is if I print out directly with all the ratios =1, what I see on the paper is correct, but if I make a .bmp file, I have to apply 1/1.2 to z-axis, because the .bmp file is created based on what is seen on the screen.

The version is 9.2.

If such a bug is in this code, it's really useless, but I still think there should be a solution for it.


Jarmo Monttinen October 25, 2004 14:26

Re: tecplot
Not sure if this is the solution.... but you might want to make your frame to be square instead of rectangular. This could help.

-- Jarmo

Mani November 18, 2004 18:51

Re: tecplot
Julia, you cannot expect the ratio to be correct, when you measure it with a ruler on the monitor. Tecplot has no influence on your monitor settings. You probably know about those buttons on your monitor that let you stretch the projection in horizontal and vertical directions? Depending on those settings, your screen may give you the exact ratio or not, both in tecplot, in the bitmap, and in any other thing shown on your screen. If the printout shows the correct ratio, and the printout of a bitmap (on paper) also shows the correct ratio, then tecplot is doing the right thing, and you're just going to have to change your monitor settings. I can't imagine why you would need the exact ratio on your monitor, though.

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