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Sasidhar October 28, 2004 16:54

Tecplot format
I am using KIVA for my CFD analysis. I was unable to open the the results of the post processing files in tecplot even though they are written to be redeable in tecplot. What could the possible reason be? Can anyone help me?

Oscar Link October 29, 2004 04:18

Re: Tecplot format
If your results have the tecplot format, you should be able to open them selecting: file - Load Data Files - search the name of the data file.dat

Sasidhar October 30, 2004 00:50

Re: Tecplot format
Thanks Oscar, but I think the the results are not in tecplot format. So can you please tell me what format tecplot uses.

Oscar Link November 1, 2004 11:30

Re: Tecplot format
Ok.- Here is the format I implemented in my programs for the tecplot output:

TITLE="here the title" VARIABLES= "x" "y" "z" "U [m/s]" "V [m/s]" "etc" ZONE N=7974 E=24000 F=FEPOINT ET=TETRAHEDRON T="time=1" x-coord y-coord z-coord u v etc inmediately next to this columns you have to specify the vertex-number of the tetrahedron where you're gonna interpolate.

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