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Sam Zakrzewski May 19, 1999 06:02

Exporting Tecplot Files
Dear CFD Users

I'm using Fluent 5 to model an unsteady case I'm trying to get it to export a Tecplot file at the end of each timestep.

In Monitors- Command, I set the command no. to 1, Every... to 1, When... to time step and write "file export tecplot data-%t.tec vm ch4 temp" in the command window then i iterate

It works ok for the first time step and produces data-0000.tec it then proceeds to do time step 2 it then attempts to save and tries produce data-0000.tec again, even though it should produce data-0001.tec. It even asks if i want to over write data-0000.tec even though the online manual claims it should not. Am I doing something wrong? I've posted this to a few CFD usernets, with limited sucess maybe i'll have more luck here!!

Cheers Sam

John C. Chien May 19, 1999 11:30

Re: Exporting Tecplot Files
(1).I think Fluent and Tecplot are sponsors of this forum. Don't you think that it is easier to get answers directly from them? (2). Well, unless it is a non-official version. (3). Obviously, A USER + A CODE x= ANSWER in this business. (4). Try to make friends with code vendors first, in this way, A VENDOR + A FRIEND + A USER + A CODE = ANSWER. (5) ARE YOU LEARNING ?

Sung-Eun Kim May 19, 1999 13:05

Re: Exporting Tecplot Files
Dear client,

We'll get back to you shortly as soon as we find what possibly went wrong. By the way, you said you posted this question on other CFD usernet. I wonder if you've contacted your local support enginee about this possible bugr. We have our distributor in Austrailia CFD-RES (Tel: 61 2 9209 4580)

Sorry for inconvenience

Harsh Vardhan May 20, 1999 04:32

Re: Exporting Tecplot Files
Dear Mr Sam,

This was due to a small bug in the code which has been fixed. Please contact your Fluent support engineer to get the latest executable.

Incedently, with the new exec, the command will change to:

"file export tecplot data-%t.tec , vm ch4 temp q"


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