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base March 17, 2011 13:05

Tecplot: Projection of a parameter on a plane
I use tecplot 360 (or rather the OEM version tecplot SV from Synopsys) to visualize the results of some device simulations of photodiodes. The structure is in 3D and I would like to extract along Z (the depth of the photodiode) the maximum electrostatic potential. Then I want to project in an X-Y plane this maximum electrostatic potential.

How can I do that? I couldn't find a way to extract the maximum of parameter along a direction either in the GUI or with the scipting language..

Thank you all for your help

scott_rumage March 18, 2011 19:18

Extracting a plane in Tecplot tutorial
What you are seeking to do may be explained in this tutorial found on Tecplot's web site: and go to "Extracting a Slice Plane and Plotting a Variable".


base March 21, 2011 11:55

I watched the tutorial and this is not the same thing as what I try to do. For an example of the final result I would like to reach, you can look at the second page of this paper: It is here a 2D projection of the maximum electrostatic potential in the structure. This is not the same a doing a simple slice at a given Z coordinate because the maximum electrostatic potential for a given (X,Y) may be at various depth Z.

I know this is not CFD but since you all use similar softwares, I guess some people have already done this kind of things, which can be applied to other parameters.

MPJ May 26, 2012 03:01

Dear Lysandre
Have you solved your problem?
It's interesting and I want to do a similar operation using tecplot.
many effort have been paid on this problem, but the problem can't be fixed.:(
Any hints or suggestion will be highly appreciated.
Kindly Regards

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