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heatdrive March 22, 2013 03:13

animation of wake behind wind turbine
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can anybody tell me, how to do a 3d animation of vortex shedding which is generate by wind turbine during rotation.

I only manage to do a 2D contour simulation as in my photo that I attached here. I'm using the CFD-post to animate the turbine. From the Fluent, I use the 'solution data export' below the 'automatic export' section in 'calculation activities' and choose the 'velocities magnitude' as a 'quantities' . When I uploaded all the recorded file into the CFD-post environment, I managed to animate the simulation result as in the video. This way, I only get the animation in 2 dimensional contour. So, if anyone could you share with me on how to get the 3 dimensional animation of streamline or vortex or whatever. I hope that this way, my simulation will be more reasonable to be modelled in 3 dimension.

For your information my project is to analyse the vortex shedding generate by the wind turbine. Therefore, I really need to know how the 3D vortex will develop due to the turning of wind turbine.

sail March 25, 2013 11:14

try isosurfaces of vorticity. or lambda2, I don't remember right now how it is defined in fluent.

heatdrive March 25, 2013 19:01

thank you sir, but i don't know how to record the keyframe you have any idea?

SB123 December 7, 2014 11:48


Originally Posted by heatdrive (Post 416350)
thank you sir, but i don't know how to record the keyframe you have any idea?

i don't know fluent, but in star, on the visualization scene, you have to output screen shots of the scene at various times, then combine them in an outside software, like MS video or camtasia etc. to create a video

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