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heyitsben5 April 16, 2013 21:23

Interpolating Data for Meshes of Different Sizes

I am trying to interpolate mesh sizes for the two different geometries each with slightly different mesh sizes. I would like to interpolate the data from these different meshes into one mesh with some certain number of grid points. For example a mesh with 200,000 nodes and a mesh with 175,000 nodes are interpolated into a mesh of 150,000 nodes. The same number of grid points is critical since I will then use proper orthogonal decomposition to compare different aspects of the geometry. I have attempted the interpolation function in Tecplot but the same number of grid points remain after inverse wight or Kriging. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

heyitsben5 April 23, 2013 11:48

Cracked it
Figured it out. Created a new mesh, in ICEM, of my desired size and then used the mesh to mesh solution interpolation tool within fluent. The interpolation worked great but it did take forever to remesh to the exact node count I desired.

b.raj April 23, 2013 22:55

HI...could you please explain further how to apply POD for fluent data?? i am planing to implement POD for my work..i have only CFD data... dont know how to proceed further..thanks for ur help...

heyitsben5 April 24, 2013 09:30


I am using a POD code developed by my colleague. Sorry I cannot be of further help.

b.raj April 24, 2013 18:57

Hi Ben, Thanks for the reply..all the best for ur work..


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