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preetam69 July 3, 2013 05:20

mass weighted average temperature along a curve

i am new to fluent and this is a basic question.
suppose there is a channel with pressure inlet and outlet boundary conditions,and it's walls are subjected to heat flux.

so,after the computation i can see the mass weighted average temperature of the fluid inside the channel at the outlet.but how can i see the mass weighted average temperature of the fluid along the channel(assuming inlet x=0 to x=l at exit,how bulk temperature varies).

is creating sections at discrete locations along the channel location is the only option?how can i get a continuous curve?


ashrawage January 14, 2014 12:33

Use of Line command in CFD Post
I think you can achieve what you intend by using a line function in CFD Post.
I suggest CFD post since it is very intuitive compared to Fluent. (Although you can use that in Fluent as well)

Select the first point of the line at the center of the inlet using proper coordinates (using the mouse cursor to properly point to a section can also work, but put numbered values in the editor window)
Do the same for the outlet. And you have a line running from the inlet to the outlet. Then in plots select this line as the location, and plot the temperature or any other variable vs. the longitudinal location of the line.

However, if you want to create a bulk fluid plot, then I am afraid you will have to create planes along the length of the domain between inlet and outlet. And use custom field functions to calculate the bulk fluid temperature.
Hope this helps,

Abhijeet J S

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