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likhitha May 12, 2020 21:16

Post Processing of LES simulation
Hello everyone,

I am trying to post-process the results obtained from the LES simulation of the wind turbine field. The flow field consists of 125 million cells and the simulation represents data for 45 minutes of real-time (i.e., T_final = 45 minutes).

I am new to the post-processing of large data, and I was looking for suggestions on the same.
How to estimate the RAM requirements for flow visualization?
Which tools/software would be optimum to handle such large data and also optimum to post-process different cases? (optimum in terms of memory and time taken to process the results)

All suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance


nick.l.thomas August 17, 2020 12:19

Were you able to figure this out? I've been working with some moderately large simulations and am wondering if I could be processing things more efficiently.

What are your results files stored in? .cgns, .trn, .res, etc.? How many files/timesteps did you save and how big is each file?

If you use Tecplot, their PyTecplot Python api could help automate the process depending on how your results are saved. In my case I output a bunch of .trn files for the timesteps I wanted, and processed them all individually using pyTecplot, but I'm guessing there are better ways.

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