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Job Record #15381
TitlePh.D. scholarship in energy storage and conversion
CategoryPhD Studentship
EmployerUniversity of Massachusetts, Lowell
LocationUnited States, Massachusetts, Lowell
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateSaturday, December 01, 2018
The multiscale, multiphysics modeling of electrochemical systems lab in 
Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Lowell is searching for 
1-2 enthusiastic Ph.D. candidates in the area of energy storage and 
conversion. The successful candidate will explore fundamental material 
properties in electrochemical devices, design and optimize new material or 
material with new structure assisted by multiscale and multiphysics modeling 
The primary focus of the Multiscale, Multiphysics Modeling of 
Electrochemical Systems Lab is establishing the underpinnings of 
computational tools that reconcile the gap between lower length scale, such 
as atomistic and microstructural level, and continuum level theory in 
application of energy storage and conversion, and assist material design, 
device fabrication and system optimization of electrochemical techniques for 
efficient use of renewable energy and natural resources in an 
environmentally sound manner. Specifically, we are interested in developing 
Reduced Order Model and Degradation Model of Lithium-Ion Battery for online 
control of Electric Vehicles, understanding fundamental issues of redox 
batteries, fuel cells and solar cells by both Density Functional Theory and 
Continuum Multiphysics Method.
Current research activities include: 
•	Electrochemical-Thermal Coupled Model and Aged Model Development for 
Lithium-Ion Battery; 
•	System Analysis and Optimization of a New Syngas-powered 
SOFC/Turbine Hybrid System with OTM Afterburner and CO2 Capture; 
•	Unraveling Oxygen Electrocatalysis Mechanisms on a Thin-Film Oxygen-
Deficient Perovskite La0.6Sr0.4CoO3.
Skills/Qualifications (at least 2 desired):
•	Required: Hold a MS in Engineering.
•	Required: A prior background with any electrochemical systems, such 
as fuel cells, batteries.
•	Desired: Proficient with Matlab;
•	Desired: Experience with FEM package, such as COMSOL.
•	Desired: Hands-on experience for battery material.
•	Desired: Experience with atomic level simulation.
Candidates should have a M.S. in engineering related field. This is a four-
year position supported with full tuition coverage and a yearly stipend. 
Interested candidates should email a cover letter, CV and 1-2 page research 
interest/summary/proposal at

Contact Information:
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NameXinfang Jin
Email ApplicationYes
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Last Modified17:36:43, Tuesday, October 09, 2018

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