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Job Record #15490
CategoryJob in Academia
EmployerUniversity of Birmingham
LocationUnited Kingdom, West Midlands , Birmingham
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateSunday, February 10, 2019
A 3-year Postdoctoral Research Associate position is available in the School 
of Mathematics at Birmingham to lead challenging research into theoretical 
and modelling aspects of Additive Manufacturing as part of a Programme Grant 
involving 3 universities and 8 industrial partners.

The position is available in the School of Mathematics at Birmingham to lead 
challenging research into theoretical and modelling aspects of the 
interaction of interfaces  of different nature, including capillary effects 
and solidification fronts. The work will be part of a 5-year research 
project supported by EPSRC in the framework of a prestigious “Programme 
Grant” (EP/P031684/1). The researchers appointed in the partner universities 
(Nottingham, Birmingham, Warwick) to work on this programme will have an 
opportunity to work within a multi-institution, multidisciplinary team which 
spans both basic/applied sciences and engineering and involves 
collaborations with eight industrial partners (AstraZeneca, AWE, Defence 
Science & Tech Lab DSTL, Nanoscribe GmbH, Oce Technologies, Pfizer, Rogers 
Corporation, Texas Instruments Inc). Additionally, the project will 
collaborate with the National Physics Laboratory (UK), Lawrence Livermore 
National Labs (US) and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE)

The core industrial process of the research programme is Additive 
Manufacturing (also known as ‘3D printing’) which is currently a rapidly 
developing area of industry with new applications emerging every year. As 
the area of application expands and brings in new materials, this process 
poses many fundamental challenges to researchers across several fields, from 
applied mathematics, physics and chemistry to mechanical, chemical, material 
and design engineering. The multitude of physical effects triggered as 
multicomponent microdrops, which are the building blocks of the additive 
manufacturing, interact with each other, solid surfaces and solidification 
fronts in a non-isothermal environment makes it necessary to understand the 
factors that control key stage of the process, characteristic time and 
length scales involved and to be able to model them mathematically.

To create and contribute to the creation of knowledge by undertaking a 
specified range of   activities within the project funded under the 
Programme Grant scheme.

•	Work within specified research project 
•	Formulate research goals, obtain, analyse and interpret research 
findings and results

Main Duties

The responsibilities may include some but not all of the responsibilities 
outlined below:

•	Formulate and achieve research objectives in the framework of the 
Programme Grant project with assistance of the CI and other participants
•	Obtain, analyse and interpret research data
•	Apply knowledge in a way which develops new intellectual 
•	Disseminate research findings for publication, research seminars etc
•	Provide guidance to PhD students to be involved in the project
•	Contribute to developing new models, techniques and methods 
•	Contribute to School research-related activities
•	Present research outputs, including drafting academic publications
•	Deal with problems that may affect the achievement of research 
objectives and deadlines

Person Specification

•	First degree and a PhD in physics, applied mathematics or a related 
area with the focus on fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.
•	Demonstrated modelling skills and experience in the framework of 
continuum mechanics
•	Ability to communicate complex information clearly
•	Fluency in computational and analytic techniques
•	Ability to contribute to the planning and organising of research
•	Ability to co-ordinate own work with others to avoid conflict or 
duplication of effort

Contact Information:
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NameProfessor Yulii Shikhmurzaev
Email ApplicationNo
Phone+44/0 121 4146596
AddressUniversity of Birmingham
B15 2TT
Record Data:
Last Modified15:59:30, Thursday, November 22, 2018

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