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Job Record #15495
TitleMulti-scale modelling of wall condensation
CategoryPhD Studentship
LocationFrance, PARIS, Saclay
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateMonday, July 01, 2019
Title: Multi-scale modelling of wall condensation in presence of noncondensable
gases. Application to nuclear reactor containment 

Academic Supervisors: 

Sonia Benteboula, Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer. CEA Saclay 
and Prof. Christophe Josserand, LadHyX, Ecole polytechnique. 

Duration: 36 Months

Salary (gross monthly) : 2043,54 € en 1st and 2nd years, 2104,62 € 3rd year

Starting Date: September or October 2019 (interested candidates are
requested to submit a complete CV and transcripts as soon as possible)

In the course of a postulated accident in nuclear reactor containment, steam
condensation on walls allows to reduce the pressure and temperature of the
atmosphere.  Wall condensation in the presence of noncondensable gases depends
on the evolution of the atmosphere: the flow regime, the convection mode, the
thermodynamic conditions, the mixing process and the presence of light gases...
Calculations of accident scenarios are often performed with "system" codes using
an averaged approach for the conservation laws assuming a homogeneous
distribution per volume. The condensation is described by correlations based on
simplifying assumptions and are often used outside their range of validity. The
use of CFD codes for a more accurate description of the flow variables and the
heat transfer is limited due to their significantly higher computational cost.
In this thesis, we are interested in the modeling of the two condensation modes:
 1- the droplet condensation which occurs on horizontal and slightly inclined
surfaces and 2-the film condensation near which a diffusion layer is formed due
to the presence and build-up of noncondensable gases. We propose to model the
mass and energy transfers due to condensation by investigating theoretical
models at different scales with the objective of evaluating the contribution of
CFD modeling of the containment atmosphere compared to a system-scale modeling.
The aim is to analyze the problem of the passage between the two modeling scales
regarding, on the one hand, the flow quantities derived from the conservation
equations and, on the other hand, the closure laws for condensation mass and
heat transfers.  The behavior of correlations extrapolated beyond the validation
range will be studied (leaned walls, thermodynamic conditions). New experiments
would be defined for specific validation needs. At the end of this work, new
models could be proposed as well as improvements of the existing models for a
better description of the condensation phenomenon at the CFD scale and also at
the system scale, in particular the consideration of wall orientation and

Requirements: EU candidates. For this specific position, non-EU
candidates are kindly asked to refrain from submitting their CV.

The applicant will hold an integrated Master’s degree or equivalent in
Mechanical Engineering, Fluid machanics, Thermal science
and energy, Physics or another discipline related to the proposed research
projects. A first experience in the field of fluid flow modelling or modelling
of two-phase flows is expected.

Experience with  C++ or Fortran programming will be taken into account.

Contact Information:
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NameBenteboula Sonia
Email ApplicationYes
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Last Modified15:25:01, Thursday, November 29, 2018

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