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Job Record #15608
TitleModelling of radioactive releases into the Meuse-Scheldt system
CategoryPhD Studentship
EmployerBelgian nuclear research centre SCK-CEN , Biosphere Impact Stud
LocationBelgium, Antwerp, Mol
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateWednesday, March 27, 2019
1 of 5) Publishable summary:

In the framework of the national nuclear emergency planning, only the
atmospheric dispersion has been taken into account thus far. Nevertheless liquid
accidental releases are also possible. Such releases not only have an effect in
the short term but also the long term. After an accident actions are needed to
protect the people (and environment) inside the influence area, and it is
important to know what the status of the resource is (in the case of the Meuse
River the quality of the drinking water) and how long it will take before the
health risk becomes sufficiently low again. In the specific case of the Meuse,
not only the nuclear power plant of Tihange located at the south side of the
Meuse River but also other facilities such as Chooz, IRE, Prayon release their
radioactive effluents into the river basin. The significant use of Meuse River
as a source of drinking water clearly emphasizes the need for the assessment of
the possible consequences of the routine and accidental releases in the short
and long terms on man and environment. The objective of proposed doctoral
research is to develop a reliable mathematical model to be used as a decision
support tool (DST) for the assessment of the environmental impact of radioactive
effluents and as early warning systems for accidental liquid releases into the
Meuse River in Belgium. This model will provide the decision makers with
different criteria for a fast diagnosis and pro-active environmental protection

2 of 5) Required education level:

Master of sciences / Master of sciences in engineering 

3 of 5) Background:

Mathematics / Physics / Bio-engineering / Other 

4 of 5) Discipline:

Fluid Dynamics, Hydrology, Hydraulics 

This topic will be published on the SCKā€¢CEN Academy website until a suitable
candidate is accepted. 

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Contact Information:
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NameSCK-CEN Academy
Email ApplicationNo
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Last Modified07:09:14, Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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